Lazy-Loading Images for Squarespace

Price: $99

Make your website load faster and smarter using our custom plugin for load images with lazy-loading. This is very important for your SEO & Page Speed.

Don't need developer mode! (Price is per website)


See how works the Lazy-Loading for images

Whit this plugin your website will load faster and smarter, images are lazy-loaded on the scroll and this helps your website load faster and only the part that is visible for the users (see the video).

What are the Benefits?

Faster website loading
Better score on page speed
Happy customers & higher conversion
Save hosting bandwidth

What do I get?

Plugin code
Step by step documentation guide
Free support for this plugin
Future updates

Test with Lazy-Loading Images

without Plugin (3.1s)

with Plugin (2.3s)

In this specific case, we save 0.8s from page loading time and 0.78mb

(the results can be different, sometimes better, depends on the page)


Our Experience

We have 6 years of experience in WordPress and also

in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and 2 years in Squarespace

Fixed Projects Deadline

We offer you a fixed deadline for the project and we assume to make the project exactly on time. We know that the time it's important for you.

Well Coded

Our code is SEO friendly and respects all W3C standards. Well-arranged, easy to inspect something and also easy to maintain.


It's important to have a responsive website because at the moment more than 51% of the google search is from mobile devices and tablets.

Do you have a website idea or need some changes for an existing website?